365: Exodus 25-28

scripture for today: Exodus 25-28

prayer emphasis: Pray that the message of Christ would be unpolluted in Burkina Faso. Also pray for the 27 unreached people groups.

think about it: Exodus 25:10-22
Remember Indiana Jones in Raiders Of The Lost Ark? He was hired by the U.S. government to find the Ark of the Covenant before the Nazis did. Ever wonder why this was so important that God described it in such precise detail? Ever wonder what happened to the Ark? It does seem confusing today but God’s exactness is best summed up, at least for me, in verse 22 when He says, “ There I will meet with you,” and later when He says, “ I will speak with you.” It was part of God’s plan in how He chose to dwell in the midst of His people, the Israelites. God still wants to live among His people today. The Ark was to contain the “book of the covenant.” Most likely this refers to the Ten Commandments and other rules and commands. It was a way for God to speak to His people in a way that they could understand. We don’t have the Ark today but we do have its contents, its treasure, God’s Holy Word. And, if we want, He will meet and speak to us just like he did to the Israelites. All we have to do is invite His Holy Spirit in as we read His Holy Word. Where is the Ark today? Well, I believe it is in Heaven, but I keep searching for it every time I go to Israel just like Indiana Jones. It literally is a great treasure! Until I find that wonderful God designed Ark, I have His Word and His spirit to speak to me.  Talk about being rich. His Word is God’s greatest earthly treasure and we all can have it today.

provided by Rich Hastings


About Alyson Browning

I am a writer, reader, cellist, missionary, television connoisseur, and daydreamer. I love the benefits of being a daughter, sister, and aunt - loving on and being loved by my incredible family. The thing that occupies the better part of my day, is the always unpredictable job title of Director of Communitycations (yep, I made up that word!) at First Baptist Raytown. I love working for and serving in my home church.

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