365: Exodus 33-36

scripture for today: Exodus 33-36

prayer emphasis: Be still and know that He is God

think about it: Exodus 33:11
Have you ever Skyped someone? For those of you that don’t speak computer, it is a way to have a two-way visual conversation with friends and loved ones on your computer. Dick Tracy technology actually gives us the ability to see our loved ones live and in living color as we talk on the phone. I got into this skype thing so I could see and talk to my grandkids (and my kids too) on a regular basis. It is fabulous to see them grow, to have them look behind the computer screen to see where you are, to see their smile, and just to get to know them better. I admit it can be the highlight of the day. So skyping is fun. That said, it is nothing like seeing them face to face. Now that’s joy!  We each have a chance to “Skype” God in our daily devotional time. We have a chance just like Moses to speak to God “as a man speaks to his friend.” Sometimes it seems hard to make the time to speak to God (just like it is to Skype) but what I have found is that He always home when I call.  More often that not, when I seek His face, I find it. Now that’s ultimate joy!

provided by Rich Hastings


About Alyson Browning

I am a writer, reader, cellist, missionary, television connoisseur, and daydreamer. I love the benefits of being a daughter, sister, and aunt - loving on and being loved by my incredible family. The thing that occupies the better part of my day, is the always unpredictable job title of Director of Communitycations (yep, I made up that word!) at First Baptist Raytown. I love working for and serving in my home church.

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