Your Story

We want to know your story. If you have a story about how God has worked in your life or in the life of someone else, email it to

  1. My husband died April 2007. I was devastated. We have 2 kids- now I am a single mom. My husband was a Baptist minster, but I had to leave the church he served at after some “bad” things happened to us. My parents, Howard & Benette Crain have been members of FBR for years, so my kids & I visited, and joined on Palm Sunday of 2008. We are so glad we did! FBR has been such a blessing to us. I am in choir, which I love, and 2008 was my 1st pageant! Looking forward to this year’s pageant.
    I attend The Open Class with Dan Hurst- and it is a blessing also & and Dan is very entertaining- if you are in it you know what I am talking about!
    I am so grateful to FBR, the staff and all the friends we have there. GOD bless- and I LOVE MY CHURCH!

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